Resident Gate Repairs


Residents may now be aware that the awaited replacement of the wheels to the resident car park gate has taken place. Unfortunately, whilst carrying out the replacement, the engineers reported that the motor/gearbox that operates the automatic gate has seized. This has been caused by the gate being manually ‘forced’ open or closed. This is something which has happened recently (within the past few weeks), as the motor/gearbox was in excellent, fully functioning condition at the time of the last service in August. The motor is now having to be replaced, at significant cost.

Please can we request that, in cases where residents find themselves ‘stuck’ in the carpark with the gate partially or fully closed, that they contact Hresco as a matter of urgency. We can arrange for a person on site to carry out the manual override procedure and release the gate.

Under no circumstances are residents to try and force the gate open. Gates of this type are automatic and not built to be operated manually, except by the official manual override procedure.

Thank you

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