Prevention of Fire

The most recent Fire Risk Assessment prompted the Assessor to remind all occupants of the building that they should be aware of the following points. You can help to keep the whole building safe by following these few suggestions.

Cleaning of Cooker Hoods, Filters and Vent Ducting

We advise that cooker hoods, filters, and vent ducting should be cleaned regularly and ideally at least twice a year. This is to avoid the danger of fire which might arise from the build-up of fatty deposits from cooking.
The hood and the internal surfaces of the vent should be wiped down with warm soapy water, rinsed and dried with a cloth or paper towel. The filters can be placed in the dishwasher and need no further attention.

Door Closers

May we remind you that the door closers on the external door and within your apartment are an essential part of the fire safety regime within the building and it is therefore important that they are regularly inspected and maintained.
Any inoperative closers should be replaced or repaired at the earliest opportunity.

Use of Portable Heaters within apartments

Due to the potential fire hazards represented by portable heaters we strongly recommend that their use be avoided.

Fire Escapes and exits.

Please, under no circumstances leave any articles, in particular rubbish, in any of the fire escapes or fire exits. These items could, in the event of a fire, cause a significantly increased risk of injury or in extremis, death, by preventing the means of escape from being as clear as is designed for the evacuation of the building.

This procedure would be carried out under the supervision of the fire brigade, should this become necessary, and any hazards caused by articles left in the common areas would make this process more difficult.

Please also refrain from propping open fire exit doors or tampering with the relevant locks. To do so, puts both you and the other occupants at increased risk, in the event of a fire.