Fire Safety

The following is the extract from the Mill Rules referring to procedures relating to fire safety.

You must not under any circumstances interfere with the fire access and exit doors situated throughout the building. The building is designed in such a way that the first policy on the discovery of fire should be for the occupants to remain in their apartment and await the fire brigade. The fire service believes that this is the safest fire evacuation policy rather than their being impeded in their access to the building in order to fight any fire. The fire service would then manage an ordered evacuation if this proved necessary. This is known as a “stay put” policy and is an accepted practice in buildings of this type.

If you, or anyone in your apartment, will find it physically difficult to evacuate the building without assistance, you must prepare your own Personal Evacuation Policy (PEP) and a copy of this must be lodged with the Managing Agents who will acknowledge its receipt, in writing.

Your life, or the life of the affected persons in your apartment, depends on your being sure that your PEP is in the possession of the Managing Agents, should there be any change in the circumstances prevailing in your apartment, however insignificant, your PEP must be updated immediately and lodged with the Managing Agent as described above.


A full Fire Procedure is displayed on the RGL Notice Board. It can, however, be summarised as follows:-

• In the event of a fire you should call the Fire Brigade on 999.
• You should close all doors.
• The Fire Brigade has the facility to deactivate all of the magnetic door locks and will use this
when they arrive.
• Because it is a communally occupied building, the speed of response programmed into the Fire Brigades procedures will ensure an extremely rapid response.

External Cladding

In the light of the tragic events which occurred in Grenfell Tower, it will, no doubt, be playing on some resident’s minds as to the safety of the building in respect of the unlikely event of a fire.
We can confirm that there is no cladding on the external parts of the building and therefore the specific conditions which contributed to the consequences of the fire in the Grenfell building are not in existence at Titanic Mill.
As a result of the fire at Grenfell, the Chief Fire Officer for Kirklees carried out inspections of the building. We are pleased to confirm that each of these inspections and assessments has confirmed that the building, its fire safety procedures, and evacuation plans are as comprehensive as can be

Door strips

As a result of a very intense appraisal of the fire defenses in the building, as extra protection for certain apartments whose smoke isolation might, in extreme circumstances, not meet the enhanced standard we are now applying, all apartments have been fitted with a floor level strip to ensure full
isolation of the apartment