In case of emergency at Titanic Mill

In case of out-of-hours emergencies at Titanic Mill we have appointed Gough and Kelly Security as an emergency contact number.

The Emergency Services, Fire, Ambulance, Police should always be contacted before Gough and Kelly.

Gough and Kelly are to be contacted only in the event of an absolute emergency. 

An emergency is classified as risk to life and limb or risk of severe damage to property only.

The emergency contact numbers are :

03448807102 or alternatively 03448807107 or 03448807100

Non-Emergency calls which result in action by Gough and Kelly will be charged at a rate of £250.00 per incident to the Leaseholder.

As always, any tenant should, under any circumstances, contact their designated letting agents and/or Landlord before using the emergency numbers.

Gough and Kelly have the option not to respond to non-emergencies.