Balcony Regulations – Update


We would like to assure residents and leaseholders that we do understand and appreciate your feelings on the enforcement of balcony regulations: however, please let us reassure you that this is not a kneejerk reaction to an isolated incident.

According to the previous building manager, there have been several incidents over the years of items blowing from, and being thrown from, balconies. The difference now is that the Freeholder has asked us to start enforcing the terms of lease with regards balcony usage. As the Freeholder retains ownership of the balconies, it does remain the right of the Freeholder to state what is permitted.

The Fire Risk Assessment has recently been carried out for the building and one of the issues requiring rectifying is the storing of combustible items on the balconies, which cannot be permitted.

The initial offer of allowing residents to have items on the balconies ‘whilst in use’ was our attempt to reach a form of compromise. This effort on our part to attempt to minimise the impact on residents has clearly not been recognised, as evidenced by some of the aggressively worded emails we have received in response to our letters.

We truly did not wish matters to reach this level of conflict, and we are disheartened by some of the emails received, but the Freeholders are within their rights to ask that we insist on compliance with the lease. When each Leaseholder purchased their apartment, the rules and regulations were clearly stated in the lease to be read and agreed to.

We are sorry that some residents feel that the regulations are excessive. Unfortunately, it is part of our contract with the Freeholders that we ensure compliance in this area.

We politely ask again that all leaseholders and residents ensure compliance with the terms of the lease and remove any items from their balconies that are in contravention of the relevant clauses.

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