Balcony Furniture


Hresco have been made aware that, over the weekend of the 17th & 18th July, a chair fell from an apartment balcony onto a section of low roof, causing significant damage. Aside from the cost of rectifying the damage, this could have proved to be a very dangerous situation, as the chair rebounded off the roof and on to the ground below. Had anyone been stood in the vicinity of where the chair landed, the incident could have caused serious and potentially life threatening injury.

Hresco is in the process of identifying which apartment the chair came from and we will be contacting the relevant owner to discuss the situation.

Due to this incident and the potential safety implications, Hresco will shortly be issuing confirmation of enforcement of balcony rules in accordance with the terms of the leases. Whilst we appreciate that residents wish to enjoy the use of their balconies, we hope that it is understood that safety must be the priority.

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