Balcony Regulations – Update

We would like to assure residents and leaseholders that we do understand and appreciate your feelings on the enforcement of balcony regulations: however, please let us reassure you that this is not a kneejerk reaction to an isolated incident. According to the previous building manager, there have been several incidents over the years of items … Read more

Resident Gate Repairs

Residents may now be aware that the awaited replacement of the wheels to the resident car park gate has taken place. Unfortunately, whilst carrying out the replacement, the engineers reported that the motor/gearbox that operates the automatic gate has seized. This has been caused by the gate being manually ‘forced’ open or closed. This is … Read more

Balcony Regulations

Subsequent to a dangerous incident at Titanic Mill over the weekend of the 17th & 18th July, it has become necessary for rules surrounding the use of balconies to be more strictly enforced. Effective immediately and in accordance with Clauses 20.1(c) and 20.2(c) of the lease, we ask that all Leaseholders and residents of Titanic … Read more

Balcony Furniture

Hresco have been made aware that, over the weekend of the 17th & 18th July, a chair fell from an apartment balcony onto a section of low roof, causing significant damage. Aside from the cost of rectifying the damage, this could have proved to be a very dangerous situation, as the chair rebounded off the … Read more

Covid-19 Additional Measures Update

As most owners and residents of Titanic Mill will be aware, additional cleaning and sanitising measures have been in place within the building to assist in combating Covid-19. With the lifting of restrictions now announced by the UK Government from the 19th July, the decision has been made to cease these additional measures and return … Read more

Titanic Mill Leaseholder Updates

HRESCO would like to extend a welcome to the residents and valued Leaseholders of Titanic Mill. Our team look forward to working with you. In lieu of a quarterly Newsletter, any significant updates or information will be posted here for all to access when required. This will mean more regular communication with residents & owners, … Read more