Entrance Lobby Carpet

We are aware of an area of lifting carpet in the entrance lobby to the building. This will be addressed by our contractor shortly. We ask that all residents take care in this area until the problem is rectified.

Titanic Mill Water Leak update

Dear All Residents, We are aware that the leak is still ongoing on the 2nd floor. A specific part needed to be sourced and this is due to be delivered within the next few days. In the interim, an engineer will be attending today to try and carry out a temporary weld. This could not … Read more

Lack of Water Supply – Updated

Dear Residents, The water should be back on within the next hour. However, due to the plumber only being able to carry out a temporary repair, and the leak still having to be monitored overnight, the water will be turned off again between 2am and 6am as we are unable to get anyone to consistently … Read more

Lack of water supply – 14/1

Dear Residents, We are aware that many of you are currently without water. A leak on the 2nd floor has today become increased in pressure and the water has had to be temporarily turned off in order for it to be addressed. We are trying to address the problem as quickly as possible so that … Read more

Heating & Water Issues at Titanic Mill

Leaseholders and residents of Titanic Mill please note that we are aware of ongoing issues with water supply and heating to some apartments. We are liaising with the utility provider and trying to resolve the matter as swiftly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Service Charges for 2022

All Leaseholders should now have received their service charge invoices and budget documents for 2022. If you are a Leaseholder and have not yet received these documents, please email info@hresco.com to request them for your property. Thank you

Recycling Facilities update

We are pleased to confirm that the new recycling bins for Titanic Mill will be delivered tomorrow (19th November). A team from Kirklees Council will be visiting the building today and tomorrow to provide leaflets and information to residents on how best to utilise the new bins.

Recycling Facilities at Titanic Mill

Hresco are pleased to confirm that, after negotiations with Kirklees Council, Titanic Mill will shortly be receiving 2 recycling bins for use by residents. These additional bins will be situated in the bin store area and can be used for various recyclable items, as detailed on the guide that will be posted on the noticeboard … Read more

Water Leak

Notice to all residents: we are aware of the substantial water leak that occurred on the 3rd floor earlier this morning. Please rest assured that contractors are being instructed and the situation is being handled. The water supply has had to be temporarily isolated to stop the leak, but supply will be reinstated as soon … Read more